Sunday, December 30, 2007

I am the girl anachronism...

Punk Cabaret is Freedom

Okay, let me rattle to you about one of the bands that I am obsessed with. 99.9% percent of you guys reading this blog probably don't know what the above statement means. Well, that statement came from punk cabaret group The Dresden Dolls. and I totally agree with that.

Yes, this is them ^ and throughout the post, I'm going to put up images of them.
(Btw, the girls name is Amanda Palmer, and the guy's name is Brian Viglione)

I've discovered them when I was digging up stuff about Panic! at the Disco. When I listened to their music, I literally went WOW. Their music was such a release from all the mainstream crap that I've been listening too. Punk cabaret really is FREEDOM.

Besides from their dark, piano infused sound, one thing that really made me listen to them is the lyrics of their songs (Amanda Palmer is a f*cking GENIUS). As you probably don't know (and don't care), I'm very picky when it comes to lyrics. I only choose songs, that for me, have really deep and meaningful lyrics, and as for now I've only found 4 bands that have that (P!@TD, MCR, FOB and Dolls). The dolls lyrics range from alcohol, to child rape, to backstabbers, which, I find is a very impressive range.

Next, their videos. Sure, some of their videos have shake shots in them, but the message that they 
are conveying and the execution of it is AMAZING. My personal favorite are the videos for Backstabber. It was comedy to the nth level.

All in all, everyone should give The Dresden Dolls a chance. If they would, the world would be a better place. And who knows? The wars might even stop.

Friday, December 28, 2007


Holy Shit.

        Haha. Seriously, should have emoticons right now, because I can't express what I am feeling in mere words alone. It's 3am now. 3-fucking-am. Ok, so people would say "So what? I, before, haven't slept for a day! No big fucking deal...", but it IS a big fucking deal; because this, my friends, this is the time to commemorate my becoming a fucking insomniac. And to celebrate, I am now drinking coffee and blogging; two things I have never done before.

        Ugh. I hate using space bars. Blogger should start incorporating the use of the tab button in typing. Anyways, when was the last time I've blogged? November 10? Yeah, I think it was Nov. 10. I was bitching about media manipulation and shit. Damn. I'm such a hypocrite. Here I am, bitching about the media at the same time taking AB-fucking-MA (for those of you in the dark, it's AB fucking Multimedia Arts). But hey, everyone's a fucking hypocrite right now, right? And that's cool. And everyone wants to be fucking cool.

       Shit, I did the tab button again. Well I had a kick last night ripping off games and finding cracks for them. Just thought you would want to know.

       Still thinking about my religion. Eversince I've re-established my connection with God, I've been thinking about that lately. My friend, Mercie calls me her "Religously-confused, Bipolar friend", and I'm pretty proud of that title.

       Hehe. Bipolar. Everyone's "Bipolar" now. Everyone's so goddam "Emo". What the fuck is emo anyways? IS all about the one-sided hair? Eyeliner? Sitting down on the floor? Looking sad? Slitting your wrists? God! The world is so hilarious now! People slitting their wrists. And that's cool.
And everyone wants to be fucking cool.

       Okay, I'm not actually alone in my insomniac mode, Joaquin (the baby boy of the house), iis also celebrating his insomniacness. He refuses to sleep eversince this lady with noisy shoes walked into his room and woke him up. By the way, Joaquin's only 11 months old. Just thought you should know.

       It's the holidays now (well past Christmas already), and for the first time, I've felt the real Christmas Spirit. It's not all about fucking gifts adn who gave you what shit. NO, because if you're a true Christian, you woul;dn't be sad if you didn't get that iPod or that Wii this Christmas (although I would've wanted both), because you would be content in knowing that God gave you the Greatest Gift of All:


      Well, that's it for me. Time to play the games I've ripped. Oh, and for those of you wondering why I used oh-so lewd and atrocious language in this blog, it's because everyone does it now.
And that's cool. And everyone wants to be fucking cool.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Nothing is okay, until the world caves in...


Have you ever thought of how cruel the world really is?

I mean seriously, plenty of people go to such extent to get money. Even if it means losing their morals.

Well, as Charles Darwin said, "Survival of the Fittest". And heck, can your morals feed your family? Of course not! We all need to make money. We must survive.

But would you go to such extent as to deceive people?

My course is AB Multimedia Arts.


What has the media been selling us? Same sex relationships? Premarital sex? Partying and drinking? If I would be selling these thngs just for the sake of making money, then sorry, but I would rather change course.

They say that we need world leaders (aka Presidents, Prime Ministers and the such) to lead us. I beg to differ. The Media is the real power. It can direct lives and change them. Screw the World Leaders. The Media is the new God.

And it's all just one circle of fun. The Media gives us what we want. We see what's on TV, and learn that It is what the world wants. The Media sees that we "like" It, so they make more of It.
Stupid really. Just like a dog chasing its tail. Or how Junk Food bags are big, but only 40% chips.